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Saturday, January 22, 2011

And Then . . .

Chihiro tapped her foot impatiently in 6th period. The clock seemed to tick in slow motion. I need to check my ankle...


Once Chihiro got home, she ripped up her jeans fiercely. And there, was a mark of a wolf.

WHAT THE HECK?!?!?!?!?!

Chihiro plopped down on her bed. "What is t-that- thing?!" she whispered to herself. Suddenly, a snake-like voice sounded in her mind.

~ Look in the mirror young one ~

Chihiro ran to her dressing mirror. And gasped. Her eyes were red. Like fresh blood glinting in sunlight.


~ You have met the others with the red eyes. They haven't accepted you, but you must try. ~

"I have no idea what you are talking about."

~ The mark you have, it's a sign of darkness and power. Get closer to the red-eyed ones. ~

"What about that girl with red hair?"

~ It's your decision to choose which side you want. But, I already warned you that the mark you have on your ankle is a clue to which side you belong in ~

"You mean the mark YOU caused?"

~ Exactly ~

Chihiro felt dizzy, and the voice faded away. I am so confused...


The next day, Chihiro walked into lunch feeling glum. She spotted Rika sitting alone, ignoring her tray of moldy-looking hamburger and fries. She walked over.

"Hi. . .sorry about yesterday. . ."

Rika didn't answer.

"Okay, listen." Chihiro sat down across from Rika.

"I found out that there's a mark on my ankle where the wolf bit me, and then he told me that the mark means darkness and power or something, and then he told me it's my decision to choose a side, and then he told me that I must make friends with people who have red eyes, and then he also told me to look in the mirror and then I found out that I have red eyes too." she panted.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What The Wyvern Said

Rika stared at Chihiro, who sat three rows in front of her in history. They had continued on to the Sino-Japanese War now. What boredom. She knew that the girl with the white hair and red hoodie was the one the wyvern had told her to find in her dream. She waited for her teacher to say that the class was over. He didn't for thirty minutes.

"Class is over! For homework: A one thousand word report on the Sino-Japanese War! Remember the project due next thursday!" Rika stood up immediately, and couldn't help noticing that Chihiro had too. She walked over to her. "Tsuruya!" She called. The girl turned around, surprised. "What?"
Rika suddenly realized that she had no idea what to say. Why hadn't she rehearsed it in her head? "Uh... have you had a dream?" She asked, and after she said it, she knew she was right.
"Did you have a dream? Did you wake up with red eyes?"
"How did you know this?" The red eyes stared at her.
"It was what the wyvern said," Rika blurted out, without thought. Too late.
"Wyvern? What wyvern?" Chihiro narrowed her eyes.
Rika was suddenly silent. She realized that she should say no more. A voice echoed in her mind- Be silent, Rika. I will handle it from now. Rika looked at Chihiro. "I will say no more," she said, her voice quiet once more, and she turned and was gone. Lunch. That was when she'd find the others.

Rika saw the lavender haired boy at a table by himself. She walked over to him and sat next to him. "Hello."

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Chihiro meets Kenta

Chihiro wandered the hallways of her school, searching for the girl with unique red hair. She turned into a corridor, spotting the girl a little farther away, talking to another girl with black hair. "Dang it. I only want to talk to her privately." She sighed. She turned back, but was blocked by two seniors.

One had blonde hair, while the other had interesting purple hair. "Wow. Looks like we found a lost pup." the boy with purple hair said.

"We'd better take her with us." the other agreed, with a smirk.

"What's your name?" the purple haired boy continued.

"I won't tell you. Now get away from me!" Chihiro yelled.

"Wow. She's cute when she gets mad." the blonde boy said.

"No she's cuter when she's mad. She was already cute." the boy with purple hair said, inching closer to Chihiro.

Just then, a boy with violet hair and red eyes appeared at Chihiro's side. "I think you'd better back away."

"What are you, her boyfriend?" the blonde boy yelled.

"Maybe I am." the boy said. Without another word, the boy took Chihiro's arm and led her away from the seniors and back to the cafeteria.

Chihiro's heart pounded. The boy's arm were burning hot against her cold skin.

She couldn't take it anymore.


The boy paused, but glanced at her and answered, "I don't know. I was trying to find a way to get you out of that situation."

Chihiro sighed. "Well, thanks."

"My name's Kenta." the boy took his hand out. Chihiro shook it with hesitation. She once again felt the hotness of his skin against hers.

"I'm Chihiro." she smiled.

The bell rang for 5th period.

"Well, I have to go." Kenta said with a hint of glumness.

Chihiro said sweetly, "I'll see you later." and then she leaned in and pecked his cheek.

Kenta's cheeks flared up with redness.

"Bye!" Chihiro walked away.

(btw,She isn't going to be his girlfriend. I have something planned for later)

~**Cheryl Wang**~

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Corvino (Raven)

(To save you the trouble of Googling it, Leiko's Italian means: *scarlet eyes, **o mysterious voice, ***raven)
    Leiko wandered the halls of this new school aimlessly. Nobody cared that she hadn’t shown up for her first class of the day, and besides, no one would catch her in the act of playing hooky—she was having way too much fun to allow herself to be seen by anyone of importance. Besides, wouldn’t they all come screaming when number 666 blew anyway? She could join the fray, and the schoolteachers would be none the wiser. And then she could very well just melt into the shadows once more as soon as the FD showed up to put out the fire that would be gone by the time they arrived.
     A grim smile appeared on the black-haired girl’s face as the resounding, drum-like boom reached her ears from several hallways away. That was the sound of her success—she had very neatly just blown up a locker in a controlled experiment. Before she could flee down the hallway with a “terrified new girl” ruse, a boy appeared in the hallway behind her and called, “Way to make an impression, newbie!”
     She whirled to face him and noted his lavender hair and amused crimson eyes while shooting him a grin. “Yeah, I thought so! Figured they needed a little excitement. Too bad I couldn’t see it,” she added with a sigh. “I finally perfected the formula to make it blow up only one locker at a time. It only took six schools and fifteen lockers to do it!”
     “I’ll bet. You’d better get going, new girl. Wouldn’t want to seem suspicious, would you?”
     “Nobody ever notices me, occhi scarlatti*, so I wouldn’t worry about it much,” Leiko told him in amusement, the flawless, apparently unintentional Italian bit flowing from her naturally, as if she had known the language since she was able to speak. “Good bye to you!” she called abruptly over her shoulder as she raced away.
      “Leiko Tanaka,” the voice said. She sighed. It was so cliché to her, being visited in a dream, but she didn’t say it aloud. Instead, she glanced around. The setting of this particular strange dream was a small cave with a thin, jagged crack for an exit rather than a yawning cave mouth. Interesting, she thought, still puzzled. Then the voice said again, “Leiko Tanaka.”
     She ignored it again to continue observing this strange place. It smelled like weathered stone and cold, a seeping, suck-the-warmth-from-you cold. She could hear no sound in the place—just a faint ringing in her ears. For a cave with barely an opening, she was surprised to find it fairly well-lit.
     “Leiko Tanaka,” the voice repeated, more firmly this time. It was a harsh, raspy voice with a faint hint of amusement hidden under the surface.
     “Yes, o voce misteriosa**?” the girl finally answered, somewhat annoyed that he had interrupted her inspection. “Show yourself, and maybe I’ll be more receptive to your calls.”
     There was a pause. After a while, it answered, “Very well.”
     A large black bird hopped through the wall opening on thin, twiggy legs, stretching coal-black wings when he got inside. On its long wing feathers Leiko noticed streaks of a dark, metallic violet that was hardly lighter than the rest of the bird, but just reflective enough to gleam in the light.
     When she saw the bird, she sighed. “And the truth comes out. I’ve gone mad, to be talking to ravens. Have I really gone mad, corvino***?”
     It cackled its amusement at that. “No more than I have.”
     “Oh yes, that’s reassuring.”
     Shooting her a glare, he told her curtly, “Find the ones with the red eyes; one has a red hoodie, one has lavender hair, and the last is very quiet and reserved. They will not accept you right away—your eyes will not be as they expect. Find them tomorrow, or face my anger.”
     Then her world went black, and a sound like a gong reached her ears. Brief agony, brief silence, then a keening wail… and then her eyes snapped open, and she sat bolt-upright. Fighting the knot of blankets that surrounded her, she finally wrenched herself free and got out of bed; she raced immediately to her bathroom. Flicking on the light, she wailed her dismay when she saw the image in the mirror. Instead of the odd, bright yellow eyes that she had been so proud of, her eyes now peered out at her from behind her raven-black hair in the shade of purple that she had seen on the raven’s flight feathers.
     “I’m going to pluck all those pretty feathers out for this,” she muttered darkly, hoping the raven heard her.  In answer, she heard a faint cackle from the depths of her mind.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Idea Page

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Another Dream, Another Nightmare

Kenta went to sleep that night nervous. "Sure, I didn't find Chihiro. Great. Now the voice is gonna yell at me or something." Despite his doubt, he fell asleep in a flash.

By the time he opened his eyes again, he was under the green treetops of the rain forest once more. Dewdrops sparkled on each leaf, filling Kenta's eyes into a deep wonder. Only the voice shook him awake again. 

"Kenta. Have you found the girl?" 

The boy groaned. "No. How do I find a girl in a red hoodie? It's like everyone has a red hoodie these days." 

"Peace Kenta. For I am not angry. But to promise you an adventure, you need to find the two girls with the animal spirits inside them. A dark wyvern and a shadow wolf lives inside each of these girls." 

"Girls? No boys apparently." Kenta's navy blue eyes flashed. "Wait, animal spirits?" 

"Elemental Animals to be exact. One lives in each of the ten chosen ones. They are powerful spirits. You just need to tell who are the chosen ones." 

"The chosen ones? How do I do that?"

 "Once the spirit enters their body, it entwines with their DNA. As it entwines, the good ones, the ones who will save the Shadow Realm," Here, the voice paused. "well, their eyes will turn a deep scarlet color. Then you will know." 

"Then why did you bring me here if I'm not one of the chosen ones?" 

"Oh, you are. Trust me. The spirit just hasn't settled yet." 

Kenta had a mysterious sensation inside him. Could it be the spirit? "When will it settle then?" 

The voice boomed up above. "Now." 

The moon glowed up above, shaping an animal in front of Kenta. What was it....A wolf? No, it can't be. The moonlight took it's form, morphing into the shape of a fox, it's red eyes glowing, burning into Kenta's soul. 

"A-a fox??" 

The fox glared at him, it's scarlet eyes flickering like a burning fire. "This is my true form, Kenta. Share it with me." The fox pounced, knocking the high-schooler down. Kenta and the spirit shared one moment of fierce gaze, and the spirit bit down on the boy's left shoulder. 

It felt as if poison was injected into his body. Burning, searing pain engraved on his shoulder. Kenta resisted all the urge not to scream. 

Everything blacked out. 


Kenta blinked open his eyes, his forehead beaded with sweat. He sprinted to the bedside mirror at once, gasping at the sight.

Kenta's eyes were a deep scarlet red, glowing with hunger. He lifted up the sleeve of his t-shirt, a mark shining with power. The place where the fox was glowing.

The fox's words echoed in Kenta's mind. "But to promise you an adventure, you need to find the two girls with the animal spirits inside them. A dark wyvern and a shadow wolf lives inside each of these girls."

"I will find them. No matter what the cost. I will get the promise of my adventure. Just you wait."

- WCL92 -