Saturday, January 22, 2011

And Then . . .

Chihiro tapped her foot impatiently in 6th period. The clock seemed to tick in slow motion. I need to check my ankle...


Once Chihiro got home, she ripped up her jeans fiercely. And there, was a mark of a wolf.

WHAT THE HECK?!?!?!?!?!

Chihiro plopped down on her bed. "What is t-that- thing?!" she whispered to herself. Suddenly, a snake-like voice sounded in her mind.

~ Look in the mirror young one ~

Chihiro ran to her dressing mirror. And gasped. Her eyes were red. Like fresh blood glinting in sunlight.


~ You have met the others with the red eyes. They haven't accepted you, but you must try. ~

"I have no idea what you are talking about."

~ The mark you have, it's a sign of darkness and power. Get closer to the red-eyed ones. ~

"What about that girl with red hair?"

~ It's your decision to choose which side you want. But, I already warned you that the mark you have on your ankle is a clue to which side you belong in ~

"You mean the mark YOU caused?"

~ Exactly ~

Chihiro felt dizzy, and the voice faded away. I am so confused...


The next day, Chihiro walked into lunch feeling glum. She spotted Rika sitting alone, ignoring her tray of moldy-looking hamburger and fries. She walked over.

"Hi. . .sorry about yesterday. . ."

Rika didn't answer.

"Okay, listen." Chihiro sat down across from Rika.

"I found out that there's a mark on my ankle where the wolf bit me, and then he told me that the mark means darkness and power or something, and then he told me it's my decision to choose a side, and then he told me that I must make friends with people who have red eyes, and then he also told me to look in the mirror and then I found out that I have red eyes too." she panted.

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  1. Rika looked up. She pulled down the collar of her shirt as far as it would go, and there, right above her chest, was a black "tattoo" of a little wyvern. "That's where my wyvern touched me," she said softly. "You had a dream, right? And the voice that echoes through your brain... that's the wolf's. Am I right?" Rika stared at Chihiro with scarlet eyes, cold, intelligent and calculating.

  2. "Yup..." Chihiro stared back at Rika, her blood-like eyes like laser beams.

  3. Rika leaned back in her seat. "Let's see... we need to find others, right? Kenta's definitely one, I talked to him, his moonlight fox just doesn't want us knowing yet. I don't know anyone else with red eyes, but I know there must be more..." Rika's red eyes were thoughtful as she pondered the possibilities.

  4. Chihiro started slowly "When I first met the wolf, an image of that girl with red hair played in my mind. He said something facing a decision that no other teen will make. But the question is, what?"

  5. Rika shrugged. "Probably another good against evil thing."

  6. Chihiro nodded slowly, as she began picking through her fries.

  7. Rika sat there for a moment, then looked with disgust at Chihiro's fries. "Do you seriously eat that?" She said incredulously.

  8. "No. I just hope the school doesn't starve any more kids. I'm already so skinny. Well what about you? Do you eat anything?"

  9. Rika shrugged. "No. Well, not for lunch, anyway. Usually I eat some granola for breakfast then I make myself something for dinner. My father died when I was, like, three, so my mother had to work more. She's overseas most of the time so you could say I pretty much live alone." Why was she telling this girl about her life? She shouldn't, Rika decided, and shut up.
    ~Why do you shut yourself off from her?~ The wyvern again.
    She mentally glared at it. >Because she shouldn't know about my personal life.<
    ~You should make friends with her. Join forces.<
    Rika snorted derisively, at the wyvern through her thoughts. >Friends? I haven't had a friend since that stupid little pigtail girl in kindergarten.<
    ~I still advise you to.~
    She clenched her fists and narrowed her eyes, and for the split second when she really hated her wyvern her eyes flashed an ice blue, the color they were before she met the dark wyvern. >You don't tell me what to do.<
    Suddenly Rika felt a ripping pain through her mind and she involuntarily cried out softly.

  10. "What's the matter?" Chihiro stared at Rika curiously.

  11. Rika looked up at Chihiro. "Nothing," she hissed through gritted teeth, resisting the pain.

  12. Chihiro narrowed her scarlet red eyes. ~ she's hiding something ~ the wolf hissed. "I know..."

  13. Rika's pain finally faded away after a warning ~You should not fight me, Rika...~ from the wyvern. She nodded weakly, and it released her from the torture of her mind. She felt ashamed- how weak had she been. She heard Chihiro talk, and looked up. "What did it say to you?" She asked, her eyes blood red once more.

  14. "It said that I need to get closer to the red-eyed ones and that the mark he created is a clue to what side I belong in."

  15. Rika's eyes narrowed slightly before her expression cleared again. The wyvern hissed inside her brain but didn't say anything. "I see," she commented. A couple seconds passed. Suddenly, there was a whoosh of air from beside Rika, and she looked up to see a girl with dark brown hair and amber eyes walk past her. The girl turned to eye her and a flash of recognition flashed through her eyes before she continued on. Rika's eyes widened. Was that... Kasumi Natsuko, who had ditched school and ran off? What was she doing here? The wyvern in her mind roared in anger and fury, and Rika flinched instinctively. What was HE angry for?

  16. Chihiro followed Rika's eyes to see a girl with dark brown hair. "Who's that?"

  17. Rika shook her head at Chihiro. "You don't know? That's Kasumi Natsuko. She's legend. Ditched school and punched the principal in the nose. But the question is, what's she doing back in school? "

    Kasumi narrowed her eyes at any bypassers who even dared to look at her, and they instantly looked away. Stupid kids. She couldn't believe that some retarded, silvery gryffin appeared in a dream and told her to find four others of her kind. I mean, what the heck? But she did it anyway, because she woke up with a freakin' tattoo of some kind of starry gryffin winding up her forearm. It was a sign, and to be honest, it freaked her out. Like, a lot. So she came back to the stupid school and started looking for the people she was supposed to look for. Four students out of four hundred students. Joy.

  18. Chihiro's eyes widened slightly. "Psh...I don't know everything going around school. Why don't you ask her yourself about why she's back?"

  19. Rika flinched as the wyvern let out another angry roar. "I don't think my wyvern likes that," she muttered. "No," she said more loudly. "Can't. We've gotta find out ourselves. And find Kenta," Rika added as an afterthought.