Saturday, December 25, 2010

Blood Red and Crimson

Rika had sat next to some hooded girl in History that day. They were supposed to be discussing some kind of event in World War II. She didn't care. She wasn't listening. She was sketching out little knives on her notebook in full detail, with the blood and everything. Rika always had a strange obsession with knives and daggers. Or any kind of blade, really. She wished she could have been like that Kasumi girl, who had escaped school and run off somewhere, never to be seen again. Everyone was looking for her, even the police. If only Rika could have a life like that...
"Hey. Hey, you. Rika." It was that hooded girl with the silver hair. Rika turned her blue gaze on the girl. She didnt acknowledge her. She never did say much anyway.
"Aren't we supposed to be discussing something? Like World War II?" the girl was saying, exasperated.
"Perhaps." Rika said, softly but clearly. Nobody except the girl would be able to hear her.
"I was saying, what did you think about Hiroshima? What's your opinion on it? I personally don't think that there should be such a fuss about the dead people. I mean, they're dead anyway, so why should we care?"
That caught Rika's attention. She wasn't sorry for the people that were killed? Rika wanted to let a sigh of relief. Finally, someone who wasn't all pitiful of others, someone who didn't care about other people, whether they were alive or dead. She looked at the girl curiously. Who was she again? Chihiro, was it? She was somebody that Rika would pay attention to later on.


That night Rika had the strangest dream. She had woken up in a place, a bloody battlefield, with red mist clouding her eyes. She revelled in the sight, surveying the battlefield with pleasure. She would like to be fighting in a bloody battle like that one day. Suddenly, a voice, low and smooth, came out of nowhere. "Rika Auchi. Rika Auchi."
She whipped around searching for th source of the voice, and found none. "Who are you? Why do you know my name?" She demanded, the hairs on the back of her neck standing up. It was the most she'd said in a while.
"You need not know who, or what, I am, just that I can grant you your greatest dream..."
Rika narrowed her eyes. "Yeah, right. You think I'm some kind of idiot? Show yourself!" She didn't even know why she was talking so much. She knew that the more she spoke, the more about herself she gave away. Rika huffed in annoyance and was about to turn away from the voice and tune out of it, before it said something that made her freeze.
"Would you like me to break you out of school? Give you your own personal belt of weapons? A contract with the best fighting trainers in the world?"
Rika stood still. She didn't move a single muscle. She even held her breath. "You can't really do that, can you? Can you?" She asked again, more uncertain now that she felt the power that the voice itself gave off.
"I can do more than you will ever know, and so can you."
Rika hesitated. Whoever that was, it was right. It was all she ever wanted. To be free fromt this world, to fight, to kill. If she could have that...
"What do I do?" she hoped she was making the right decision.
She could hear the smile in the voice when she heard it again. "Find the hooded one Chihiro and the violet Kenta. Then we will meet again."
Rika was about to nod, when she stopped. "Show yourself first. Then I'll do it."
There was a pause. Then a rumble. A roar. A huge, dark shape emerged over the hill of the battlefield. Rika stumbled back. It was a huge, dark, pure black creature with scarlet, blood red eyes. It had scales, a head and body like a lizard, four feet with the talons of a huge hawk, and a long, thick tail like a snake. It roared her name into the sky, a animalistic sound, like a battlecry. And she loved it.
"Who... What- what are you?" Rika asked, eyes wide in amazement.
"A dark wyvern, my dear Rika. And I am your protector... I am yours, yours, forever."
Rika stared and stared, eyes locking with it's red eyes. She was lost in its crimson depths, when there was a flash of bright light, a burst of pure agony, searing pain, and she sat up in her bed.


"WHAT WAS THAT?!?!" Rika screamed into her ceiling. The dream had been so real, so vivid. But of course, it was just a dream. There was no pact, no promise of freedom, no dark wyvern, no bloody battlefield. Rika shook her head, rubbing her face with her palms. -I'd better wash my face- she thought wearily, throwing off her navy blue comforter and climbing out of the comfort of her bed. She made her way to the bathroom with her eyes half closed, flicking on the lights. Not bothering to open her sore eyes as she turned on the tap. Water rushed into the sink, and the sound momentarily calmed her, before she plunged her face into the cold water. Rika rubbed her face, washing even behind her ears. She turned off the water with one hand and with her free hand she grabbed a towel from the rack on her left. She pressed the warm, fluffy towel into her face and suddenly wanted go back to sleep again. She put the towel back on the rack and looked up at the mirror. She froze.

Her eyes were a scarlet, blood red color, just like the wyvern's. They were staring at her from the mirror. Rika blinked several times and looked again, just to make sure she wasn't still half asleep and hallucinating. She wasn't. They weren't their old azure blue color anymore, but a crimson red like the ones that she had gazed at in her dream. And right then, in a flash like the one that woke her up, Rika realized that it wasn't a dream. It was all real, all true. There WAS a pact, a promise of freedom, a dark wyvern, and a bloody battlefield. It was reality, not the result of REM sleep. It was real, and Rika would find Chihiro and Kenta, even if she would die doing it.

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