Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kenta's Encounter

Kenta woke up in a misty place, with vines hanging overhead. "This isn't Paris...." he muttered. Sitting up, he noticed how cold he was, the mist surrounding him into a thick cloud of fog. "What the....?" 

A voice spoke overhead, sounding thin and papery. "Kenta Aoyomi. Welcome..."The voice seemed as if it was coming overhead. In the treetops? 

"That's me....what do you want?" Kenta's voice sounded braver than he actually felt. 

"Peace, Kenta. I do no harm. But, I will need a favor of you." 

The high-schooler made a bitter face. "What do I get in return?" 

A voice seemed to be laughing. Why was that...? "An adventure you'll never forget." The voice got him. Kenta led a boring life, and he always longed for some excitement in his life. 

"Alright deal. What do I have to do?" 

"Find a girl in a red hood, she's had a dream also. Become friends. Enemies. Anything to get you closer to her. You'll have the adventure of you're life, I promise Kenta." 

Kenta nodded. "I will." 

"Don't forget...." the voice whispered, "Find the girl...." 


Kenta woke up the next day, grabbing a piece of toast and heading out the door with his backpack slung over his shoulder. Good thing the school's right in front of my house. 

Around lunch, after 4th period, Kenta was desperately looking for the girl in the red hood. "Stupid voice. Didn't even tell me what she looked like." he mumbled. Kenta only caught a glimpse of a red hood, right before the bell rang for class. 

"Fine, I'll find her tomorrow then...." Kenta swore. "I'll get my adventure." 

- WCL92 -

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